Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Need A Hypocrite God Lying Goodness

Noise & Experimental, a new home


Hypocrite God said...


I was the owner of the Hypocryte God which was deleted two days ago by blogger without any messages or troubleshoot.

Don't panic, im working on a new one, but unfortunately i have security log only from may. All remainings must be reupped manually.

More than 2 years long work are saved then, just the last 2 months gone.

Here is the new address, repost it, if you want, i would be happy about it, need to tell to the readers the Hypocrite God is still alive!


lack said...

oh no! deleted AGAIN!!! i feel for ya man...and yer followers!

Hypocrite God said...

It was not deleted again, just i had no net connection for 2 weeks... After that, ive read everybody said its deleted, but no. Dont know, what happened.

Hypocrite God said...

Hello again!

I am the owner of the Hypocrite God which was deleted by Blogger again 2 hours ago.

Don't panic, within a half hour i reinstalled a new one with all posts, just the URL was been changed.

Here is the new one:


Hypocrite God said...

I'll never give up!


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