Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rapmetal Bart

Lots of discographies: RATM, Deftones, Slipknot, Tool, etc. http://rapmetal-bart.blogspot.com/

Metal Music

Huge list of Metal blogs and now other genres as well. http://rockshot.eu/musicblogs.html

Monday, April 9, 2007


Links for Metal, Hard Rock, and Nu-metal. Some discographies as well (George Thorogood, Van Halen, AC/DC, Iron Maiden...) http://linkyourstuff.blogspot.com/

Mp3 For All

Tons and tons of classic to modern rock.

Boards of Electronica

Pearl Jam Web

Nothing but live Pearl Jam. http://pearljamweb.blogspot.com/


Wow the Grunge blog I've always dreamed of. You will need Firefox & Java Enabled to see any of the archives (?) but do so! Only negative is they are 128 bit rate rips. http://discosgrunge.blogspot.com/

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Eightfires Musica

Alternative, Metal, Electronica, and much much more http://eightfiresmusica.blogspot.com/index.html

Trip-Hop + Anime

EBTG discography and more trip-hop http://chandias.blogspot.com/index.html

Reasons why to search BLOGS for music

  • Faster downloads then p2p
  • Complete zipped albums. No more partial downloads
  • No networking knowledge needed like p2p (ie ports)
  • Scarce and obscure music, discographies, and box sets
  • Find recommended new music
  • Cross-linking on blogs = unlimited choices
  • Worksafe surfing
  • Like Used Record Store Shopping Online
  • Torrents will track. Time to move away from music torrents people.
  • Try before you buy!