Wednesday, February 20, 2008


A bit of everything here

These Rocks Pop

Smattering of Dance tracks from new to old

Solid Goldberger

Highlighting Dance and House music labels. The entire Roule label is here! (daft punk)

Amazing browsable forum (?) with plenty of Dance & Electronica uploads

Kiss Atlanta

Some great dance tracks at this club's blog.

Gerson Downloads y Mas

Seeing a lot of Trance & Dance Compilations along with a spread of multiple genres.


*music plays at link*
Bits of Classic Rock and Easy Listening

Disco Delicious

Lots of current techno tracks and remixes

Caucasian Tabloid

Lots of new Electronica singles and albums

BK Soldier Music Archive

Lot of Drum & Bass, Hip-hop, and other types of Electronica as well.

10000 DJ Live Sets and DJ Mixes

No graphics or frills, just links to dj sets!!

Reasons why to search BLOGS for music

  • Faster downloads then p2p
  • Complete zipped albums. No more partial downloads
  • No networking knowledge needed like p2p (ie ports)
  • Scarce and obscure music, discographies, and box sets
  • Find recommended new music
  • Cross-linking on blogs = unlimited choices
  • Worksafe surfing
  • Like Used Record Store Shopping Online
  • Torrents will track. Time to move away from music torrents people.
  • Try before you buy!