Saturday, January 31, 2009

Poll Results - Interpol

One of my favorite bands
A good band!
MEH (indifferent)
Why do people like these guys?
I HATE this band
Never heard of them....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poll Results - The Rolling Stones

One of my favorite bands
A good band!
MEH (indifferent)
Why do people like these guys?
I HATE this band
Never heard of them....

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mundo Stereo

Seventies and Eighties Disco

Sinforia Discotheque

80 's Singles

Retro Music Old

Eighties Wave + Pop singles

The Brother's Music

Classic R+B, Funk, Soul, and some Disco and Hip-Hop; singles and albums.


Lotta Indie and Alternative including some live stuff too

Full Albums

Well this guy appears ready on getting the whole music catalog on the internet. Find what you want by artist name and each blog.


Hardcore Punk, Death Metal, Punk, Experimental, Alternative rock, and conventional fare too.


More Classic Rock, Punk, and Indie discogs

Un disco Cada dia

Lotta 90's and modern Alternative. Classic Rock as well. Some Electronica


Some nice Electronica from this decade, classic Jazz, Indie


Hard Rock to Metal.

La Rockola del Panda

Some discographies of lots of genres. Lots of World Music too. Sift through, you'll find something!

Progressive Rock

Assorted big name Prog Rock

Tangled Heart

Discographies of Indierock, Grunge, 2nd Gen Britpop, Alt Metal, and some Classic Rock. A few soundtracks too.


Lotsa prog rock

Ab Exordio Vitae

Hard Rock, 80's Metal, and more.

Mystery Tracks

Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Old Bootlegs, some discographies.

Lets Live Music

Plenty of Classic Rock by the big artists

Blog dos Foristas

Classic Rock Discogs, and quite a bit more

Funeral Time

Well I spent an hour and a half and cleaned out about 150 dead blogs. That included any blogs that were originally public but had turned private. I did this with a link check program so there may be blogs on my list that are still here and still online but may have dead download links at that particular blog. Feel free to add any comments to those posts with blogs that are effectively dead.

Reasons why to search BLOGS for music

  • Faster downloads then p2p
  • Complete zipped albums. No more partial downloads
  • No networking knowledge needed like p2p (ie ports)
  • Scarce and obscure music, discographies, and box sets
  • Find recommended new music
  • Cross-linking on blogs = unlimited choices
  • Worksafe surfing
  • Like Used Record Store Shopping Online
  • Torrents will track. Time to move away from music torrents people.
  • Try before you buy!