Saturday, March 24, 2007


Indie blog, quite a few good albums....

George De Large’s Music To Take Drugs To

Some great neo psychedelic stuff here. From The Beatles to Chemical Brothers to Spritiualized.

Esos Discos Estupidos

A few Indie home-made compilations and some odd albums, occasional updates.

Escaparate Sonico

Indie / Alt Rock, Some discographies. Most in archives.


Appears some rare discographies and compilations. Moved to mainly sixties and seventies.


Ape Shall Never Kill Ape

Some good rare eighties pop/rock material.

Listmania - Shoegaze

Top 50 Shoegaze Albums (Atease Version) by me TheScientist
Top Shoegaze Albums ( version) by me TheScientist
Top 50 Shoegaze Albums (as voted) by me TheScientist
The Evolution of Britpop by me TheScientist
Summary Top Dozen of Shoegazing Albums by Babe_N_Co
25 Shoegazer Allstars by rotator
Creation Records 101 by shockofDAYLIGHT
Shoegaze by lelandgaunt
Shoegaze by Tampax
Shoegaze/Dreampop music by albatross38
New Shoegaze music by albatross38
Shoegaze by astro1_rohit
Shoegazing History 101 ... the "Cliff Notes" by streetmouse
Top 10 Shoegazer albums by Masonjar
feed me with your kiss : a shoegaze / dream pop list by Makers_Mark

Going Undergroud

New wave collections, albums, and live material. Some decent stuff in this new blog.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Oriani K

80's New Wave, 90's Synthpop, Shoegaze, Alternative, and Industrial. Also some nice live 80's material.


"Papillons Noirs @
Stairway 2 Heaven @
Anybody new to music blogging should be aware of these forums. This message is for people new to the scene. But anybody wanting to see what is on offer here will have to register as a member. These forums are a vast source of music links and related themes."

R Indie

Nineties to current Alternative and Indie. Lots of surprisingly good finds.


Some Indie & Classic Rock discographies and assorted albums. Use the Artist index to scour quickly for good downloads but this site is VERY large. Top Site!

1.....2.....3 .....via!!

Rather nice Classic Rock blog. Found a few albums I needed.

1200 Links!

Here's a link that Totally Fuzzy dropped. 900 links with good descriptions. Will investigate and integrate.

Houses of the Holy

Modern to 90's Alternative, Punk, Hard Rock, and Metal. Some obvious cd's you need in your collection.


Rock, Soul, and Funk from the seventies.


From Classic Rock to Grunge to 90's. Not really any indie, but a lot of popular discs that would be desirable if you don't have them (anymore). Huge blog link list on the side to find more blog sites.


Very nice Indie blogspot. Very hip and many many great links. Top Site
New link is

Dani Sunday

Rather nice indie blog, lotta good stuff. I'm getting an annoying pop-up currently, but hit stop while loading and kill it.

Indie Waves

While the layout kinda stinks, there's a lot of new Indie posts here. Use the right index and sift thru the archives posts. Lots of single tracks and promos. Youtube clips galore.

Those Wires

A mix of all kinds of modern and 90's albums. Has ramped up posts in the last couple of months. Cross genre.


Lot of nice current Indie on this Mexican blog. Lots of good mainstream indie and alternative from 90's to modern plus a bit more genres as well.

Modern Music

This site is best for single songs and the blogs that accompany them. Seventies thru Modern and Indie rock. No full cd's.

Lagrima Psicodelica

Foreign blog with some albums and discographies from 70's and 80's.

Drogandotecon Musica

Foreign indie blog, updated frequently. Current, 90's, and the odd old classic. Good amount of blog links as well.

Floodlit Footprint

Sixties and Seventies albums. Mostly obscure album titles from Classic Rock (but not that obscure artists) current address
old address is

Collective Collection

Now this is a great Classic Rock blog with box sets and entire discographies. Time will tell if the site can compete with people deleting his links but so far most of the links have been re-upped and are live.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Listmania - Trance, House, and Hardcore

Top 400 trance songs, in order of best to...less best by darktremor
Top 100 Trance tracks Digital Dream Door
Best Trance Music of All Time (chronological) by darktremor
Great Trance Music by trancecritic
Got to Have House Music! by TheScientist

Listmania - Disco

Top 100 Disco Songs ( by me TheScientist
Top 100 Disco Songs (Mine) by me TheScientist
Alec R. Costandinos - the greatest disco producer of all time! by tiger_soren
Ian Levine - a legendary dance producer by tiger_soren
The fantastic Boris Midney by tiger_soren
Frank Farian - the German hit maker! by tiger_soren
Italian-American Magic by tiger_soren
From Here To Eternity ... Giorgio Moroder & Pete Bellotte by tiger_soren
Chic-ism by tiger_soren
20 all-time favourite albums by tiger_soren
Arabian Disco Clusterf%*k by ghandi3030
Shakin' Yer Booty.... by akhenatonheretic
Disco Artists - 70s/80s by XanaduCGN
I Am Disco: Guide To The Women Of Disco Music by Goregirl
OriginalBigM's 70's Dance Collection by originalbigm
Great Disco Albums by parlypangi

700 DJ Certified Top Disco Dance Songs
The original Top 500 from 2000
Top 500 Disco Songs Chart (Second Revised Edition 2002)
User Submitted Disco List for

The Clock That Went Backwords

Great live Classic Rock music.

Essential New Wave Singles

Another RYM post I made (awhile back). Make sure you got the basics with this list if you love your New Wave.

Musica Bo Dem

Cross-genre but a lot of Nineties material and a few best of's. Current examples: A few Sting albums,Shirley Bassey - POP Collection, Everything But The Girl - The Best Of, Moby - Go (The Very Best Of Moby) Remixed (2007) . Nothing to hip but worth checking out. Also updated weekly.

My Top 50 New Wave Artists

Another RYM post I made about a month ago.

Rock On!!

Indie to Post-Punk to Seventies Pioneers. Also cool abstract records you wouldn't normally search out but would download in a heartbeat. Also the occasional discography.

The skY is So bLue

Lot of different cross-genre stuff. Right now a fair amount of lounge music but you never know what you'll come across over there. Check it out.

The Undertow

A lot of current Indie albums and live shows. Scour through and find some good stuff here.


Alternative albums and discographies from 70s through modern, although mainly retro. Tons of Post- Punk, Gothic, and a few Industrial

├Żlowek scavel-cronek

Some great and rather bizarre stuff, mostly 90's. Also now a lot of classic Rave and Techno Albums, singles, and mix tapes. A few live rarities.

Lost in Tyme

Multi-blog sites with some good but obscure material.
Lost-In-Tyme : Prog - Kraut - Classic Rock - Blues
Lost-In-Tyme : Alternative - Punk - New Wave
Lost-In-Tyme : Funk - Soul - Jazz - World

Sarava Club

Great funk & soul blog. (Good examples:the Supremes- several albums, The Jb's, James Brown, several Blaxploitation soundtracks)

Dreamtime Mix

Realllly loooong extended versions of your favorite new wave songs, but well done.

Born Again 80's

New Wave Song remixes. Some modern, some classic style.

25 Essential Shoegazer Albums

Made this RYM list awhile back. Who dosen't love a nice bit of Shoegazer?

80's forever by APStudio

Another great eighties site! Discographies and select new wave albums. Right now discographies of Roxy Music, Yaz, Fun Boy Three, and Kraftwerk.

Saltyka and his Friends

Lot of good obscure eighties and nineties material. Great discographies of rather obscure artists with long write-ups and artwork. Right now there's entire discographies of Ministry, Au Pairs, New Muzic. Updated frequently.

Totally Fuzzy and other Top Link Sites

Totally Fuzzy is the ultimate blog linking site. A great resource. I'm not going to be as quite cross-genre as this site but its well worth checking consistantly for new blogs/links/posts.

Another link site w/screencaps and descriptions. Nice resource.

Linkworld with its captured links to some pretty cool uploads. Beware of the spyware pop-up though

Some questions Answered:

1. How do I Download Something?
All blogs store their music at music hosting sites. From rapidshare to sendspace to .....well you get the picture. Java script is required on all and these sites are generally harmless. Just make sure to click on the correct download buttons and not on ads. Right click saves also generally work when in question. Not all files will last that long but some may last for 3 months or more.

2. RAR Compression: What Is A RAR File? RAR is a data containing file in a compressed form. It's also like a ZIP file which you are genrally familiar with. After downloading a RAR file, one must unpack its contents in order to use it. The following two links will provide more specific details on RAR compression and downloadable shareware versions of their software. Keep in mind RARS can have passwords for them to be opened. Make sure to get any passwords on any blogs before you leave the pages after you've downloaded any files.

WinRAR (Windows/UNIX)
StuffIt (Macintosh)

3. Basic Rapidshare Tutorial: Rapidshare is a free file sharing often used to serve the sample downloads on the archives. This short tutorial will explain to new users how to painlessly utilize the Rapidshare system.

Begin by simply click the link or by copying the link into your web browser. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Press the “Free” button to start the download.

Upon clicking the “Free” button, a second, similar page will load. Find the download counter; you must wait until the counter finishes before the download will begin.

After waiting for the counter to finish, a third page will appear. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the verification code. Enter the verification code and click “Start Download”.

Upon click the “Start Download” button, the web browser will prompt a file to open or save. Select save from the list. Once saved, extract the file as instructed in the RAR Compression section.

Keep in mind that with Rapidshare you will need to wait 90 minutes or so between downloads unless you have a premium membership. With a premium membership ($10 for 1 month) you can download multiple RARS at once. I do recommend it as more than half of the links on blogs are rapidshare.

Reasons why to search BLOGS for music

  • Faster downloads then p2p
  • Complete zipped albums. No more partial downloads
  • No networking knowledge needed like p2p (ie ports)
  • Scarce and obscure music, discographies, and box sets
  • Find recommended new music
  • Cross-linking on blogs = unlimited choices
  • Worksafe surfing
  • Like Used Record Store Shopping Online
  • Torrents will track. Time to move away from music torrents people.
  • Try before you buy!