Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Into the Rhythm

Lots of great Jazz releases

Monday, June 8, 2009

Blue Hipster

A few great Exotica albums

Flip Your Wig

A bit of everything, touching on all kinds of genres

LP's Vinyl Lounge Hut

Lounge, Percussion, Easy-Listening, Exotica and other rare hard to find music. http://vinylloungehut.blogspot.com/

Chicos Topo

Lotsa Lounge, Indie, Electronic, Synthpop, and more

Psychotic Leisure Music

Ambient, IDM, Alternative, Lounge, and more

Blog Libre y Aceptado

Modern and Classic Lounge, Jazz, and Chill Out

Fat City Cigar Lounge

Home of a great variety of cool music. Lotta Surf, Instrumental, and Lounge

The Hot Sauce Lounge

Lounge, Soul, Jazz, bits of rock,

The Martin Denny Blog

The Exotica king has a few uploads at this new tribute site

The Crime Lounge

From Bond to Dirty Harry to Crime Jazz Comps

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Poll Results - Jimmy Cliff

One of my favorite artists
A great artist!
MEH (indifferent)
Why do people like this guy?
I HATE this guy!
Never heard of him....

Poll Results - Bob Marley

One of my favorite artists
A good artist!
MEH (indifferent)
Why do people like this guy?
I HATE this guy
Never heard of him....

Xtabays World

Space Age Pop, Exotica, and Lounge. Best blog for it? Likely!
old site (links working)

Les Baxter Tribute

Space Age Pop /Exotica king Les Baxter has this dedication site. A great partial discography

Reasons why to search BLOGS for music

  • Faster downloads then p2p
  • Complete zipped albums. No more partial downloads
  • No networking knowledge needed like p2p (ie ports)
  • Scarce and obscure music, discographies, and box sets
  • Find recommended new music
  • Cross-linking on blogs = unlimited choices
  • Worksafe surfing
  • Like Used Record Store Shopping Online
  • Torrents will track. Time to move away from music torrents people.
  • Try before you buy!